Free Translation

Free translations?

In some cases, we are able to offer free translations to non-profit organizations and charity organizations. This offer obviously depends on the quantity of text and on the availability of translators in the language combination selected.

Who can benefit from our free translations?

Mainly non-profit organizations (entities and associations who are not intending to make money) and charity organizations, who need small amounts of text translated between language combinations where we have translators available to offer this service. Because this free translation service is offered by professional individuals (our translators, and ourselves managing the service) who are investing their time and skills in helping others, we are unable to guarantee that this service be available in all language combinations, continuously, or for large quantities of text. We will do our best to offer this service, or to offer exceptional discounts for larger amounts of text.

If you do not fall into the non-profit / charity category, please do not ask us to offer you a free translation service: we will however be pleased to offer discounts to companies, associations or individuals for particular initiatives with a charitable background.

What we ask in return

Should you be eligible and approved for our free translation service, we request a credit with a link to our site among the “credits” at the end of the text, in an appropriate place on the translated and localized web page. A discreet and non-invasive credit or link allows us to continue to offer free translation services to other organizations who could benefit, and to present ourselves to potential new paying clients.

How to request a discounted translation

Complete the Online Quote section, and clearly specifying the type of project, quantity of text and your request for a free translation. All requests will be individually considered, and you will be contacted to discuss the proposed project or if we need further information.