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Translating Advertising & Marketing Content: Culture is Key

No matter what you are promoting- a product, service or idea – no one will buy into your message if they can’t understand it. That’s why effectively translated advertising & marketing enables you to reach the customer in the new language. At SLS, we translate your marketing materials using translators who are natives in the languages required.

We Understand the Need to Turn Things Around Quickly

Our experienced project managers turn your marketing materials around fast so you can reach your customers before your competitors do. The time and effort that you have put into the layout and design of your materials will be maintained in the translated product by our talented desktop publishing team.

Special Requirements for Advertising & Marketing Translation

Whether you are part of an independent agency or a marketing department in a large organization, SLS has translation services tailored to your needs.

Translating this type of content presents its own unique challenges and is arguably the most difficult type of content to translate. This is due to the fact that you are translating not only words, but concepts. Ideas that may or may not be culturally relevant, or perhaps even culturally offensive. Translation of advertising & marketing content begins with a critical analysis of the content from the perspective of each target culture and language. This analysis is then followed by proper translator selection.

Subject Matter Expertise

Proper translator selection is the most critical QA step of any translation project. As a result, we understand that when translating advertising & marketing content, a unique subject matter expertise is required. As part of our translator selection process we assign the project to translators who are native speakers of each target language, who represent the target demographic and who have related translation experience in relevant areas, such as:

Market Research
Media Translation

Unique Technical Requirements for Advertising & Marketing Content

Our advertising & marketing industry clients come to us to translate a variety of formats and content types. SLS has experience translating the following:

Brand Testing
Business Cards
Concept Testing
Product Documentation
Public Relations
Website Content

If you have specific questions regarding the translation of Advertising & Marketing materials please contact us today.
Special Offers
European Languages Translation
African Languages Translation
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