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SLS is one of the leading experts in the linguistic and technical adaptation of product texts to local markets. We provide localisation services at the very highest level for international advertising and naming projects, as well as for websites and software. Our expertise is drawn from many years’ experience working on international projects for a wide range of multinational companies.

Translation & Localisation is one of the most cost-effective methods used today to reach international markets. While it is true that English is one of the most prevalent second languages, and people in many countries read and understand English, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings that interfere with your message.

If you want a professional image which is consistent throughout your product lines as well as your multi-language websites, there is only one way to go – a degree educated & experienced translators.

The reasons behind this are simple; readibility and idioms which are prevelant in languages can’t be understood by machines, nor can they substitute the level of creativity which frequently is expressed by marketing texts on websites and brochures. Marketing texts, such as websites are possibly the most difficult to deal with, because from one language to the next certain phrases cannot be translated or if automated tools are used, are completely wrong and out of context. People feel more comfortable & confident buying your products and services if you speak to them in their own language.

What we localise

  • Websites
  • Technical Documentation
  • Marketing Documentation
  • eLearning modulesOn-screen-displays (telephone, navigation systems, electronic equipment)

Many companies and organizations have already realized the benefits of translating their websites, partly or entirely. While we recommend the translation of the entire website, you may decide to translate only core pages on which you highlight your international offerings. Choosing key pages to translate may be an alternative solution that suits your needs.