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Industry Overview

Quality Translation Requires Subject Matter Expertise

SLS is accustomed to working with text translated by other sources to ensure higher quality in the final product. Whether you used another agency, an internal staff resource or just a friend, we will provide you with the proofreading and editing services you need to ensure that you have the most accurate, consistent, reliable and grammatically clean translation possible. It can make all the difference, not only in conveying the correct message, but also in maintaining your image.

Advertising & Marketing

No matter what you are promoting- a product, service or idea – no one will buy into your message if they can’t understand it. That’s why when translating advertising & marketing content properly localized translations mean the difference between reaching your customer or pushing them away.

Electronics & Hi-Tech

Translation for companies in the Electronics & Hi-Tech industries requires a unique specialization and subject matter expertise. Complex electronic diagrams and technical terminology can pose a unique challenge to the translation process. Working with a professional language services provider will guarantee that you receive translations that are highly accurate and ready for use.

Alternative Energy & Clean Technology

Alternative Energy & Clean Technology companies are expanding rapidly across the globe as the demand for increased infrastructure and energy increases in emerging countries. These emerging markets are on the lookout for not only traditional sources of energy, but renewable and sustainable sources that will not have the same environmental impact. Timely and high-quality translation is required by our Alternative Energy & Clean Technology industry clients as they move to keep pace with the demand for their products and services.

Medical & Life Sciences

Language Intelligence understands that in the Life Sciences industries quality control is the highest priority. By combining a quality management system with leading edge translation technology and highly skilled linguistic resources, SLS is able to consistently deliver high quality translations on time and on budget.


Our Manufacturing industry clients rely on our speed and cost -effectiveness while translating a variety of technical content such as user manuals, operator’s guides and assembly instructions. SLS’s experience in translating this type of material means that our Manufacturing industry clients can trust us to manage the translation process while they focus on production and distribution.

Software & Information Technology

Our Software & Information Technology industry clients require services that range from software localization to final QA and testing. SLS has extensive software localization capabilities and the ability to work with highly technical content.

Survey & Research Translation

Speed and accuracy top the priority list when working with clients in the Survey & Research industries. Localizing survey content and translating survey responses back into English requires an understanding of the goals and intent of the original survey. Who is the target audience? How do I translate a particular question without losing the intent? SLS understands the intricacy of this type of translation.

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