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Website Localization

Website Localisation

Website Localisation – the only way to take advantage of Internet-influenced business booming worldwide…

Website localisation is crucial, and here’s why:

  • More than 50% of queries on Google are submitted in languages other than English (in 2002 the volume of enquiries was less than 30%). More than a third of such queries are submitted in a European language other than English (Google, the Google Zeitgeist, June 2003).
  • Annual net-influenced sales rose to more than €20 billion across Europe in December 2002 and contributed €5 billion in Germany alone (Forrester Research).
  • Visitors to a site are more than four times as likely to buy from a website with content in their own language and spend twice as long on the page (Independent research).

Websites need to work from a commercial perspective to be sustainable. Our website localisation service takes all this into account to produce a localised website which is not only accurate, but also reads naturally in the target language.

Good website localisation should always seem as if the content was originally written in the target language.

SLS offers a high quality website localisation service. We have extensive experience and have learnt how to overcome the difficulties of adding foreign language versions to existing websites, as well as translating entire websites into different languages.

We provide high quality website localisation services, and we will work with whatever resources you have available to deliver a high-quality website translation.

We know exactly what it means to adapt your website for another culture – and we know very well how much attention to detail this requires. Please contact us today to discuss the localisation of your company’s website.