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Conference Interpretation

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One of the most important services SLS offers is conference interpreting. With the advance of international trade and the Internet as an essential tool, many small and large organizations have gone global in a short period of time. And although English is the most common language in the business world, there will always be a gap between two people who originally don’t speak English, and will prefer to be addresses in their native language.

This is especially true for conference, seminars, trade shows and other business-related instances. People want to fully understand and to be fully understood. This is when simultaneous interpreters, conference interpreters and simultaneous translators are absolutely necessary.

Conference Interpreting

The reasons for participating on an international conference can be multiple, but each and every one are connected to the improvement of your business. You can sell more units, add to your list of clients or obtain any of your business goals more effectively if you count with the right tools. Conference interpretation can perfectly be one of them. Best of all, we can design our conference interpreting services to your particular needs, whether you’re hosting a large convention or a small meeting.

We provide you with the right interpreters, technicians and specialized equipment. Our mission is to provide complete, outstanding, and cost-effective conference interpreters and simultaneous interpreting services into most languages and fields of specialization.

Since conferences are generally big in size, the most recommended tool of interpreting is the simultaneous interpreting. In it, the interpreter sits in a booth, listening through headphones to the incoming message in the source language and communicates it over a microphone to whoever is listening in the target language (also called “active” language), at the same time.

As you can tell, conference interpreters are always presented with a big challenge, since they must secure that true communication exists among the participants on the conference. The speakers have to rest assure that they’ll be understood and also that they’ll be able to understand others when the time comes.

The role of any conference interpreter is to make sure the communication is flawless, facilitating multilingual interaction. That’s why our simultaneous interpreters and translators are not only skilled in their field, but we make sure they’re assigned to events for which they have specific, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

At SLS, we are committed to making every event and conference a success, and our world-class quality services can attest. Call us now at 011 793 6677 or Get a FREE Quote. Make your conference a great success and assure your guests they’ll be in contact with expert interpreters, with extensive experience and knowledge in simultaneous interpretation.