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Transcriptions You Can Count On

You need an accurate, reliable and convenient transcription service. That means you need a company with the resources to meet and exceed your expectations.

SLS’s bilingual transcription staff provides top-quality, accurate transcription of all audio and video recordings. Our linguists have exceptional word-processing skills and pay meticulous attention to detail. All transcriptions are carefully reviewed and proofread prior to the final submission.

We adhere to the strictest confidentiality and security standards and follows all law enforcement requirements.

Skilled in Legal, Medical, Technical & Business Fields

The transcriptionists of SLS are chosen for their outstanding linguistic skills in addition to their expertise in specialized fields.

Transcriptions for doctors, hospitals and clinics are performed by professional transcriptionists familiar with medical vocabulary. This results in a higher quality, more reliable transcription.

We also are familiar with the unique words and phrases used in technical fields such as biology, chemistry, engineering and architecture. In addition, some of the country’s top companies rely on SLS for accurate transcriptions and on-site recordings of board meetings, lectures and seminars.

Transcription From 30+ Analog and Digital Formats

Whatever the format of your recording, chances are that SLS not only accepts it but also has extensive experience working with that type of file, disc or tape.

Our transcriptionists work with analog tapes, including cassettes, microcassettes, minicassettes and VHS tapes.

We also accept more than two dozen digital media and digital files, including the most common audio and video formats: CDs, DVDs, DVCAMs, Blu-Ray discs and MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, AVI and AIF files.

The Flexibility Our Clients Deserve

Whether your transcription project is small or large, on standard audiotapes or DVDs, in English or any other language—from Arabic to Zulu—our dedicated team offer the industry’s most comprehensive client service and are willing to meet any need.