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Internationalization Consulting

It is the process of planning, designing and implementing a “culturally and technically” neutral product, which can easily be localized for a specific culture or cultures. Internationalization will help you decrease localization cost and speed up time-to-market by addressing crucial technical, aesthetic, cultural, and linguistic issues at project start-up. Let us save you time and money by performing an internationalization assessment to determine your product’s readiness for localization, or by internationalizing your product for you.

The following are some examples of critical issues we address during internationalization:

Text often “expands” when translated from English into other languages. For example French, Spanish and Portuguese. We allow extra space in user interfaces (for example, hardware labels, help pages, and online menus) to accommodate the increased number of characters in the translation.

Languages such as Hebrew and Arabic are written predominantly right-to-left, whereas numbers are generally written from left-to-right. We adapt the layout for these “bi-directional” reading audiences.