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Our Details

Our Details

Our Address
Soror Language Services “SLS”
Johannesburg 2040

Our Contact Details
Tel: +27 11 793 6677
Cell: +27 83 301 6409
Email: sales@sls.org.za

For additional information about our services: info@sls.org.za

For a free estimate, please send your request to: freequote@sls.org.za

For accounts queries, please send an e-mail to: accounts@sls.org.za

If you are a linguist, and are interested in joining our elite network of talent, please send us an e-mail and we will send you an application form to fill out: recruitment@sls.org.za

If you have a comment or suggestion, send a confidential e mail directly to our Director, Hossam Soror: hossam@sls.org.za