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Quality Assurance

Quality Management Principles

From the day we receive the source files to the day we deliver the completed translation, SLS’s unsurpassed measure of quality control is evident throughout the process.

Our translators:

The most important determining factor of translation quality is the expertise of the translators. Translators have to understand the subject matter they are translating at least as well as the target readers. In addition to their subject matter expertise, our translators have to have all the basic skills required of all professional translators – the ability to write clear, comprehensible prose, excellent language and translation skills, and native-level command of the language into which they are translating.

SLS requires the following qualifications from all candidates for accreditation with us:
Hold an advanced degree in the subject matter to be translated.
Have extensive work experience within the relevant field of science, engineering, medicine, law etc.
Have at least 7 years of experience translating technical documents in the language pair and subject to be translated.

At SLS, we hold fast to the principle: If you do not understand it, you cannot translate it.

Our technology:

Using the most advanced Translation Memory (TM) tools such as Trados™ and SDLX™, the same phrases are translated identically and the terminology is used consistently even if different translators work on different portions of the document. TM tools also decrease the translation time, resulting in faster turnaround and decreased cost to the client.

Our editing process:

To minimize the chances of an error or omission in language or information, SLS requires that three pairs of expert eyes look at all content from beginning to end: translator, editor, and proofreader. Each is a professional full-time translator, a native speaker of the target language, and meets the translator qualifications specified above.

To learn more about our technical and translation services, or to request a proposal, please call us at 011 793 6677. If you prefer, you can send us an e-mail at info@sls.org.za

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