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Rental of Interpretation Equipment.

Plan & Execute Your Event with the Latest Technology in the Industry…

The quality of any simultaneous interpretation largely depends on two important factors: the interpreters and the equipment. At SLS, we’re proud to say we offer both to every single one of our customers.

We not only have one of the most talented and professional simultaneous interpreters and translators team but we also provide the equipment. This is the best way to guarantee a total success of the whole process. The booth’s sound insulation, dimensions, and air quality, as well as the sound quality of the headphones, microphones, and other equipment, are integral components of the simultaneous interpreting process.

How Does it Work?

For anyone untrained in the field of simultaneous interpretation, the operation of simultaneous interpretation may seem complicated, but in reality is not difficult. Please allow us to explain the process with the following diagram:

Speaks on a microphone, which connects to the interpretation booth

Listen to the presenter through headphones, and then speak into a microphone, which sends a radio/infrared signal to the audience

Listen to the interpreter’s voice through headphones receiving signal from booth.

Equipment required for simultaneous interpretation:

When you call us to get the simultaneous interpreters you need for your event or specific task, you also get the best and most appropriate equipment. Here’s the explanation of what you’ll get, but let us say that we’re always available for questions, and you can be sure we’ll meet all of your simultaneous interpretation needs.

Interpreters need: Interpretation booth + Transmitter + Console + Cables
Audience needs: Receivers + Headsets

In addition to our equipment and set-up services, SLS works with you during your meeting’s planning stages to translate all written and audiovisual materials you might need for the complete success of the event.

For more information about our simultaneous interpretation and translation services, give us a call at 011 793 6677 or get a Quote Here.