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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

One of our goals at SLS is to provide the right service for the client. That’s why we like to speak to our clients and make sure we comprehend exactly what they want, to then offer tailored services. Along with translation and simultaneous interpreters in many fields, we also offer consecutive interpretation for a wide array of fields, from medical and healthcare to business and marketing.

What is Consecutive Interpretation?

Let’s define what interpretation is, before talking about consecutive interpretation. To interpret a speech is to take a message from a source language and transfer its semantic, connotative and aesthetic content into another language, using this second language’s lexical, stylistic and syntactic rules.

The main difference between translation and simultaneous interpretation is that the ladder can be “detached” from the words used to convey the original message. To interpret is to reconstruct verbally in another language, and to translate is to mirror almost exactly the words on one language to the other, in a written form.

Now, in a simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter sits in a booth, in front of a microphone and listens to the speaker while at the same time communicates the message in the target language to the other participants. A consecutive interpretation is very similar, but not exactly the same.

Consecutive interpreters follow a slightly different process. They are required to listen to a consecutive speech in the source language for five to ten minutes (the time varies according to the specific situation), and then interprets or expresses all the contents in the target language, eloquently and accurately.

In reality, both simultaneous and consecutives deal with the same level of difficulty when performing their job, the only difference is that the consecutive translators have to take notes or develop excellent memory skills to express the message after listening to it for a couple of minutes.

To understand a language one must understand its culture. That’s why SLS assigns always the right interpreters, professionals who have long-standing experience in this consecutive interpretation.

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