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Website Translation

Website Translation

“If I want to sell you something, I need to speak your language. But you should speak my language if I am buying.”
(Konrad Adenauer)

“WWW” means World Wide Web. It is a borderless, global communications medium used by individuals and companies around the world.

Borderless? – Not really!

Because currently, there is a language barrier!

Website translation means focussing on a variety of factors including the language. Like all professional translation agencies, we convey the sense of language so key messages work in the relevant language. We would never consider translating word-for-word.

But there are often other issues to consider. For instance, translating from English in some European languages can mean that the amount of text increases (by 16% in the case of Spanish, German is often larger). This can be a problem if you have a template system already in place. So we will work with you to ensure that the website translation we provide addresses as many issues as possible – and deliver on time and to budget.